Happy Independence Day…

7 07 2009

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy (though belated) Independence Day. God Bless America. I hope everyone was able to enjoy the “Rocket’s Red Glare” over the weekend and stayed safe. Make sure you thank a Soldier, Airman, Marine, Sailor, or Veteran and let them know you appreciate them for serving our country.


Peace, Love, and Patriotism,



What Next…

28 06 2009

The dreaded phone call. “Due to current economic conditions we must inform you that you will be laid off from your position with…” So, here I am turning yet another corner on the road that is my life with nothing behind me save my shadow.

Turn the Corner

I’ll miss working there. Wonderful people and work environment even when it was stressful. Unfortunately they do the same thing in Bangalor cheaper, apparently. I’m not bitter.

So what does a jack of all trades do? I’m thinking hard about it. I’m not really an “expert” at anything but I do alot of everything.

Further Down the Road
I can build a computer from spare parts; Play an average guitar; Decent photographer; Creative; Office Administrator; Former Soldier; Family Man with a big heart; Can learn anything quickly when my heart’s in it. Even fly a plane (still paying for one lesson at a time- this is going to take awhile).

So I’m throwing my resume back in to the piles of the many HR Representatives around central Texas in hopes that mine will land on top somewhere. I’m even thinking about printing some of my photographs and selling them in the local coffee shop. Ya never know.

So the sun sets on another day of gathering prospective employers for my assault on the workplace tomorrow. Resume work, lists, Google maps and phone numbers. I’ll be ok.

Peace, Love, and Hit the Ground Running,


Bucket List…

24 06 2009

I saw the movie Bucket List with Jack Nicholsen and began trying to think what i would like to accomplish before I, myself, kick the bucket.
For one thing. I would like to get a motorcycle. Maybe not like the one pictured here, but a Harley would be nice.

The Fast Commute

Another item on my Bucket list would be to learn to fly. Well. I already know HOW to fly. I just want to get a Pilot License so I can do it when I want to. I love aircraft and flying.

Down Below

I also want to take a gajillion pictures (Not sure how to spell Gajillion). I love Austin, Texas. Maybe I could get a job photographing Austin. That would be awesome. Here is the Austin Skyline:

Austin Skyline

I hope you enjoy coming here. I’ll try to update it more often.

Peace, Love, and Buckets,


Pet Peeves…

19 06 2009

Don’t get me wrong. I used to smoke 2 packs a day. But I was respectful with what I did with the butts. I never threw them on the ground or tossed them from my moving vehicle.

Such Lovely Hands

If you’ve ever been driving down the highway with the windows down because it’s a beautiful 70 degrees outside and then have a lit cigarette smack you in the arm and fly in to your back seat — then you’ll know what I mean.

If you’re going to smoke- put it out in your own ashtray – not in my truck. I HATE litter bugs.
P.S. I have not smoked since November 7, 2004 and counting. It has made my truck payment.

Peace, Love, and Ashtrays,


Sky Scraper…

19 06 2009

There is something about shiney glass buildings on clear summer days. A glass sky. A reflection of the world around it. Clouds floating through the lobby. I wish I could just sit and watch the bustle of preoccupied people running around downtown while the clouds drift silently across the face of the buildings. Constantly changing scenery. A building that changes it’s appearance with the passage of time. After these, a sunrise or sunset is next.

The Frost Tower in Downtown Austin, Texas – and the Guaranty Bank Building.

Frost Tower

Guaranty Bank Building

Guaranty Bank

Glass Sky

Glass Sky

Lobby Clouds

Lobby Clouds

Peace, Love, and Wizards and Glass,


Another Wild Day…

17 06 2009

The birds seemed to be having fun at my expense today. I was walking along the river bank (looking for dragon flies actually) and this charming little duck saw me coming. Oh yeah. He had my number. Waited until I was right next to the bush and then did his best impersonation of a very large, angry, snake. “Hiissssssssssssssss!”
Hidden Duck 2

Hidden Duck

I’m sure the look on my face was priceless as I staggered (as fast as I could) away from that bush until I could ascertain what had made the noise.

The other geese and ducks looked wonderful swimming lazily around. Bathing. Showing off for each other.



Back at the house a mockingbird landed on the basketball net and was just yelling at me. I have no idea what that was about. Maybe he didn’t like my truck?

Basketball Bird

On another note; Vin-essa (Short for Vinison) was milling about looking to see if we had gone to Home Depot and purchased any more expensive flowers for her to eat. I guess we need to either spray everything with soap and garlic or buy her food to keep her away from the flowers? – We’ll be chatting up the local gardener for sure.

Thanks for visiting and checking out the Blahg.


Peace, Love, and Can You Say “Vin-I-Son”? …(*wink*)



13 06 2009

I find myself drawn to older things. Antiques. Old looking photographs. Little pieces of life. I think I’m addicted to photography because it seems as though I’m always “looking for the picture”. Sometimes I see something and just react. It gives me a feeling. So I snap it. Then later as I look at the photograph try to figure out the story.

Down The Road

Maybe there is no story. Just a feeling I get when I look at what I’ve created out of moment in time. A man walking his dog on the frontage road. It just seemed out of place. Maybe lonely, in a sense.

Out in the Country

I like old houses and barns and buildings as well. I treated this photo as I treated the first (gave it that old treatment) and one of these days as I’m speeding down the toll road I’m going to stop and really photograph this house.

The house is obviously pretty old – but the corn field that surrounds it – in perfect rows and well kept is quite a contrast. I’ll stop one of these days and really look at it in order to discover what draws me to it. I stare at it every time I go by it.

Well. Take care and I hope you enjoy my little blurbs in my blahg. *smile*

Peace, Love, and Country Roads,