The Best Car Wash in Georgetown, Texas

23 07 2009

I really feel I should say something about this place because it is different. But you can’t tell it’s different unless you go there.

Car Pool Car Wash

Everyone has been to a car wash. You swipe your card – the mechanical voice tells you to drive in and this machine goes to work on your car. Well, it’s like that at the Car Pool Car Wash except when the attendant is on duty.

After you swipe your card, and you purchase at least the Deluxe Wash, the attendant pre-washes your vehicle and checks around for heavy dirt. He will also watch the machine and if he feels it’s not getting everything he will get IN TO THE CAR WASH with a brush WHILE THE MACHINE IS RUNNING and scrub on your vehicle to make sure it is clean.

I’ve never seen this and I feel it goes beyond the call of customer service. So I’m posting a map – it’s just down to the left on Austin Ave from Leander Rd. – the address is: 2020 S Austin Ave, Georgetown, TX‎. and here is the map if it posts to my blog right.

Tell him Bob’s Blahg sent ya if ya like.

Peace, Love, and Clean Cars,



The Love of Traffic…

16 07 2009

You gotta love the traffic. I cannot figure out why all of these people have to get on the highway when there is no one on the backstreets. 5 MPH for 2 miles. Lots of time to think. Sure puts some serious wear-and-tear on the ole’ vehicle though. *sigh*. And you have to love the 103 degrees of sunshine to go along with the traffic.

Beautiful Traffic
I sure hope there is a restaraunt at the next exit. All this sitting and sweating has made me hungry.
At least I can pull out my camera and take cool blahg photo’s. What do you think?
Peace, Love, and I Love A/C,


Adding Up…

8 07 2009

Some things in life don’t always add up. I’m on the river bank. I look up. I then have a “Sesame Street” moment and begin to count. I count again. I then decide to pull out my camera and save it for later over a few beers. As for now. I’m relaxing on the river.

 Bridge Feet

Peace, Love, and Counting Toes,


Happy Independence Day…

7 07 2009

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy (though belated) Independence Day. God Bless America. I hope everyone was able to enjoy the “Rocket’s Red Glare” over the weekend and stayed safe. Make sure you thank a Soldier, Airman, Marine, Sailor, or Veteran and let them know you appreciate them for serving our country.


Peace, Love, and Patriotism,


Photo Editing…

27 04 2009


I love editing pictures with programs like photoshop and Corel Paintshop Pro. The effects you can achieve are sometimes surprising and the family seems to enjoy the things I come up with.


On another note. The stormy weather seems to have brought about some other house guests. I believe this is a Texas Brown Tarantula. I hope he eats alot of bugs.

Peace, Love, and Arachnids,



8 04 2009


Off to discover the world.

Off to Discover

Kind of fun watching Chase’s world grow. He can’t wait to get on his bike after school and then go off to discover the world (as long as it is between the sign and the cul de sac.)

So far he’s found the brakes. Also has discovered that bushes aren’t always as soft as they look when you crash in to them. Ahhh, Grandkids.

Peace, Love, and Peddles,


Growing Up…

29 03 2009

Can’t Wait Until…

The Walk Home

Children can’t wait to grow up. To be as tall as you; to do the things you do; to stay up as late as you do; to have ice cream whenever they want without asking. But most of all to be able to turn and look you right in the eyes and say “I Love You”.

Peace, Love, and More Love,