Bees Work Over Morning Coffee…

30 05 2009

I was sitting on the porch and enjoying the way the light was playing on the plants in our yard and noticed a bee that was bizzy at it.

So, I decided to grab the camera (D90) and a good lens and have some fun chasing him around (but not too close – I hate pain).

I love this camera (Nikon D90). It has taught me so much about photography and really opened my eyes to alot of beauty and fun.

My Banner (up there) was one of happiest (lucky) shots I ever took. And I thank God for Digital cameras because I would have been able to buy a house with all of the film it would have taken to get these shots.

Enjoy. I’m having fun.

Bizzy Bee 1

Bizzy Bee Two

Bizzy Bee Three

Peace, Love, and Honey Bees,



Wild Day…

20 05 2009

I had a rather good walk through the park today and found that around every corner there was something to see. Not the usual jogger or biker or someone on a skateboard whizzing down the path. But some rather unique wildlife.
I decided to walk down to a trail that went along the edge of the river and I looked down and there were minnows swimming about – leaves floating down stream – and then this fellow comes swimming along. He was a good 4 and half or so feet long.

Rat Snake

I do believe its a Rat Snake. At least I hope that’s what it is and not a venomous sort of snake because he was swimming downstream towards the park – where kids like to swim.

I walked along side him – snapping away with a long lens (not that I was afraid of him but I was trying to give him his privacy (uh – huh; my story).

I sat quietly and watched him swim downstream. Not a care in the world (except maybe dinner). Then I went on my merry way.

Rat Snake 2

I continue down the trail and found this rather unique dragon fly so I decided to include him in my little adventure.
I guess I like bugs and snakes.Dragon Fly

I then decided on a short cut and passed through the frisbee golf course (sounds like fun but no one was playing at the moment) and happend to surprise this wonderful thing.

Running Deer

By the way he’s jumping over everything he looked like a Kanga-Deer or Deerga-roo or something wonky like that. I sure scared him (must have been the sweat running through my shirt). This was the only ‘clear’ shot I got as he was running and jumping so fast and headed for the trees.

It was a good day. I enjoy walking with my camera. You never know what you’ll see.
I can’t wait till I work more on flying lessons. There will be some GREAT shots there.

Peace, Love, and Deerga-Roo’s,