Photo Editing…

27 04 2009


I love editing pictures with programs like photoshop and Corel Paintshop Pro. The effects you can achieve are sometimes surprising and the family seems to enjoy the things I come up with.


On another note. The stormy weather seems to have brought about some other house guests. I believe this is a Texas Brown Tarantula. I hope he eats alot of bugs.

Peace, Love, and Arachnids,



A Bug’s Life…

22 04 2009


It’s hard being a bug. Imagine being in a secluded place and making out with your boyfriend or girlfriend and then this gigantic camera lens comes out of nowhere. (Note the look of surprise on the poor butterflies’ face). Your boyfriend then quickley dives behind you so as to not get caught by the offending paparazzi.

Ain’t Hiking Fun!?

Peace, Love, and Hiking Shoes,



8 04 2009


Off to discover the world.

Off to Discover

Kind of fun watching Chase’s world grow. He can’t wait to get on his bike after school and then go off to discover the world (as long as it is between the sign and the cul de sac.)

So far he’s found the brakes. Also has discovered that bushes aren’t always as soft as they look when you crash in to them. Ahhh, Grandkids.

Peace, Love, and Peddles,


Mockingbird Have You Heard?

2 04 2009

I like birds.  Wish I could just fly around and pose for pictures for photographers.  This one decided not to be so shy as I snapped away.  Even seemed to pose.  



Leaves are coming back on the trees. Getting warmer (finally). Wow! Where did the year go?
On another note; On CNN scientists are reporting that the Big Red Spot on Jupiter is shrinking. Hmmm…Must be global warming, eh?

Peace, Love, and Coffee Grinds,